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Stationery Information

Find out more about the process and details behind our custom and semi-custom wedding stationery collections. 

Stationery Information



Semi-custom stationery collections can be ordered through the website. Upon checkout, you will be prompted to fill out a form that allows you to customize your invitation wording, calligraphy, text color, and envelope color. Should you choose to have address printing and/or return address printing added to your order, you may add this separately. Costs for semi-custom stationery are due at the time of checkout. Shipping is charged at checkout, with our standard flat-rate $6.95 fee. You will receive a digital proof in 7-10 business days. Two revisions are allowed, which includes changes in type, text color, and/or calligraphy. Any additional revisions will result in a $25 fee per revision. Keep in mind that artwork and artwork colors are not able to be changed. Once the final proof has been approved, your stationery will be sent to print, and then shipped to you. The timeline for semi-custom stationery is approximately 4-6 weeks from placing your order to receiving your printed invitations. Make sure to take a look at the Semi-Custom Stationery Guide to get an explanation of all of your options. 

Custom stationery collections are custom designed, and catered towards the unique look and feel of your wedding. Creating custom artwork is a process, so plan ahead according to your wedding timeline. Fill out our Custom Stationery Form to receive a quote based on what pieces you are interested in. You will create a Pinterest board and/or email any other inspiration that helps us draw, paint, and design a beautiful collection made especially for you. Wedding stationery is the first impression your guests will have of your special day, so take creative liberty and have fun with your planning. After your inspiration has been sent our way, hold back from changing direction or making changes in your wedding stationery theme/inspiration. Relax and look forward to your custom artwork! Once a quote has been sent to you along with a projected timeline, and if you are ready to move forward with the project, an invoice will be emailed to you that requires a 50% deposit to commence the project. Keep in mind that costs vary depending on artwork, suite type, extra pieces, etc. Every project is unique! You will receive a digital proof once the artwork is complete. Three rounds of revisions on this proof are allowed. Any changes made after three revisions will result in an additional $50 per revision. Once the final proof has been signed off, you will be emailed the final invoice with the remaining 50% balance, plus shipping costs. Projects will not be sent to print until the final 50% balance + shipping is paid in full. Once the invoice is paid, it will be sent to print and then shipped to you. Most custom stationery projects will lay within a 2-6 month timeframe.


Stationery suite types and descriptions

  •  Save the Date + envelope
  •  2 Piece Suite (main invite + envelope) 
  •  4 Piece Suite (main invite + RSVP + envelopes)
  •  Full Suite (main invite + RSVP + details card + envelopes)

Custom stationery suites can have additional corresponding pieces for your wedding day

  •  Place cards
  •  Escort cards
  •  Table numbers
  •  Menus
  •  Programs
  •  Thank You Notes
  •  Other personalized stationery (send us an email if there is something you have in mind!)

Address Printing + Return Address Printing

Address printing and/or return address printing is available for both semi-custom stationery and custom stationery. Printing is available for the main envelope and/or the RSVP envelope. You will need to create a file to email us with all of your guests names and addresses, as well as your return address for both the main envelope and RSVP envelope (if applicable). Make sure to double check for spelling errors, for we will copy the information exactly as it is sent to us, therefore we are not responsible for any misspellings. The following lists an explanation of printing + costs:

  • Main envelope (A7) guest addresses are printed on front, whereas your return address is printed on the back flap. Costs: $1.00 per envelope, front only. $1.25 per envelope, front + back flap.
  • RSVP envelope (A2) will have your return address printed on the front of the envelope. Cost: $1.00 per envelope, front only.  

Address printing is charged by the piece regardless of envelope size. These prices are standard for both semi-custom stationery as well as custom stationery, regardless of quantity.


Stationery may be ordered in quantities of 50 (minimum), 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, or 300. If you are looking for a number outside of these, please email us so that we can accommodate you. It is suggested to order extra invitations for last-minute invites, for you cannot add to your order once it has been sent to print. Keep in mind that each couple or family counts as one guest, so you will not need an invitation for each individual person.  

Printing Method

Digital printing is used for all of the semi-custom stationery collections, and is also used on our custom invitations. Illustration, watercolors, and gouache paintings translate beautifully and cleanly onto the paper using this technique. For custom orders, let us know if you are looking for something else specific, as we are open to accommodating more complex projects. 

Paper Type

All semi-custom stationery is printed onto a beautiful white 19 pt. cotton paper, giving the look and feel of a watercolor paper. This paper is heavier and more luxurious than standard card stock. Artwork translates stunningly onto this paper and is sure to impress your guests! 

Text + Calligraphy Color

Semi-custom stationery text font + calligraphy will be printed in the same color. Four colors are available:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Khaki

Please review the Semi-Custom Stationery Guide to see samples of ink colors. Custom stationery text can be printed in many colors, depending on the look of your wedding. 

Envelope Color

Semi-custom stationery is available in four colors:

  • White
  • Coral
  • Ocean
  • Blush

Please review the Semi-Custom Stationery Guide to see samples of ink colors. Custom stationery has a larger variety of envelope colors.  

Calligraphy +  Text Font

For semi-custom stationery, couple's names on main invite will match the text font or calligraphy style chosen for the titles 'RSVP', 'Details', 'Save the Date', and 'Reception to Follow' (if applicable). These words may be written in calligraphy or typed. Please refer to the Semi-Custom Stationery Guide for guidelines and options.

The bulk of the semi-custom invitation suite will be typed in one of two text fonts, in either standard case, lowercase, all caps, and italic. This will be the text font for all of the wording on all of your chosen stationery pieces. As mentioned above, this excludes the couple's names + reception to follow (if applicable), and titles including 'RSVP', 'Details', and 'Save the Date'. Please refer to the Semi-Custom Stationery Guide for guidelines and options. 

Custom stationery has more flexibility with text fonts and calligraphy styles.