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Weekend Inspiration - Botanical Art

Janice Nelson

There is something so stunning about botanical art. 

The breathtakingly realistic details....

The organic, muted color palettes....

Warm, rustic, and organic hues intertwine to form an ethereal still-life glimpse into the past - a fleeting moment in a flowers life, when photographs were not there to capture the moment. The artist had to paint what was in front of them before the lifespan of the flower had passed. 

Vanilla, cinnamon, clove, turmeric, rust, and verdant tones dance across the meandering vines.

I often look to old botanical paintings and illustrations for inspiration for not only drawings, but patterns as well. The mysteries of this genre of art always perplex me because the majority of these pieces come from a time in history when not everything was documented. It is not always easy to trace who the artist was or where the art was created. These artistic feats come from many bygone eras - where time was on the side of the artist - undistracted by the hustle and bustle of modern life, where social media and technology play the headliners. It was a place in time when life was slower, steadier, and perhaps a bit more predictable. It was a time when hours could be spent gazing upon the intricacies of a node, stem or bud making its debut into the world. A time when paints were crafted from the earth, and their hues so beautifully portrayed, as the stroke of a brush danced across a piece of paper. A time when the mysteries of the world and nature were perhaps just a bit more mysterious - when many answers to life were yet to be discovered. I suppose that is what draws me to this art the most - the mysterious quality is held within the notion that life was more of a mystery to people at that time. There was more time to dream, more time to rest, more time to yearn for the delightful detail that simple pleasures held - true and unparalleled wanderlust of the mind. All artistic discoveries and wonders of the artist were portrayed amid the ornate patterns produced by paint droplets and hand-sharpened pencils, delicately showcasing themselves through the eyes of a transient moment.